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World War II: The Call of Duty – A Complete Timeline

Tracking the main events of World War II is a truly fascinating experience, and with the help of remarkable archive footage, you can literally see for yourself exactly what happened, and when. From the early battles right through to the complexities of the endgame, this extensive 24 episode series will help shine a spotlight on a period of history that should never be forgotten.

Portrait of a City

A perfect travel journal, “Portrait of a City” reveals the rich and intriguing heritage of the great cities of Europe and Russia. Delve into the past and explore some of the most famous attractions in each city and learn their history. See stunning buildings, cathedrals, statues and historic sites that you should add to your list to see when you visit.

Rural Britain – A Novel Approach

Part travelogue, part history lesson – travel through the British countryside in the footsteps of some of the greatest English authors of all-time. Visit locations that inspired them and learn the history of the sites. See where Jane Austen, the Brontë sisters, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy and D.H. Lawrence lived and wrote. Step into “Literary Landscapes” of Rural Britain.

Swedish Massage – Healing Wellness

A step-by-step, how-to guide to Swedish Massage – learn the proper techniques for performing a Swedish Massage as well as its therapeutic benefits. Ideal for boosting circulation, releasing toxins and relaxing the mind and body. The “Health at Hand” principles show what to expected with a Swedish massage therapist, as well as being the perfect guide to learning the art Swedish Massage..

Liam Dale’s Ghostly Trails: Haunted Great Britain

Travel Great Britain and discover some of it’s unique ghost stories. Some based on fact, some on little more than hearsay, but many as fundamental to a district’s folklore as the landscape itself. Visit haunted locations in Cornwall like The Hurler stone rings, Jamaica Inn, King’s Stone and King Arthur’s Land’s End. Learn the historical and spiritual mysteries of this beautiful area.

Bob Nudd on Coarse: Fishing with the Master Angler

Join Master Angler and 4-times World Champion, Bob Nudd, as he guides you through all his fishing tips and techniques for catching bounties of fish. From pole fishing to bait secrets he shows you how to catch such fish as Carp, Golden Orfe, F1 Carp and Tench. This series is a true guide to fishing & angling. Produced and directed by BBC presenter, Liam Dale.

Bob Nudd’s Right Angle – Fishing Tactics

Join 4-time world champion fisherman, Bob Nudd, as he shares his secret fishing tips and tactics. He focuses mostly on Stillwater fishing and for a session on fast-moving water on a river. Bob takes you through setting up rigs, feeding, baiting and poles as he shows hands-on how to catch varieties of fish – Bream, Carp, Roach, Rud and Tench. Produced and directed by BBC presenter, Liam Dale.