15+ million DVDs


130 Countries

KBO Media’s team has been responsible for over 15 million DVDs published globally, and a steady stream of television programmes that have been transmitted in more than 130 countries. We have partnered with some of the biggest names in broadcasting, as well as major international brands.

Complete Productions – Start to Finish

From Jane Austen to ancient steam trains, ghosts and witches to giant fish species and war profiles – KBO’s film making is synonymous with quality entertainment – enlightening, delighting and amusing to equal measure. Our roots are in traditional television, but now we’re leveraging our experience to the online world through our various streaming partners.

Our team is steadily working on content development so there are more exciting productions in the works! In the meantime check us out on Youtube and on Amazon Prime.

Want to know how we got our name? Check out the full story here.

KBO Media is a worldwide production and content development company. Founded and headed by Liam Dale.

Liam is a unique character in the world of film and television – one who has the ability to produce, present and direct at the highest level. Whatever the subject matter, Liam’s honest, down to earth, creative journalistic vision brings an extra dimension to any programme, making even the most traditionally academic or limited special interest topics accessible to a far wider audience.